Excerpt – Banshee Power

Release date January 18th, 2021

Eight dead abominations, one necromancer melted into a pus puddle on the floor, and one brave warrior whose body and separated head we will take back to Faerie so that his essence has a greater chance to pass freely to the next life than it would were his remains to stay in the human realm.

My mother’s list of horrors grows longer by the moment.

Sickness invades my gut, to the point that I have to concentrate hard not to bring up my breakfast.

My nausea has nothing to do with the smell of the dead necromancer at my feet, though that is bad enough. It has everything to do with knowing my mother—my own flesh and blood—is so sick and twisted that she would laugh while an innocent person is torn to pieces in front of her. Not to mention that she would deliberately poison a whole bunch of innocents to ensure they do her bidding.

My mother. My blood.

I want to flush out any trace of her from my veins. But I can’t. The only thing I can do, is stop her.

His Royal Highness, Prince Rhodri, heir to the Winter Court of Faerie

Copyright 2021 Jen Katemi

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