Crossing the Line (Menage MFM)

Evernight Publishing, Aug 8th, 2017

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CROSSING THE LINE is an Evernight Editor’s Pick!

Love is always a risk…but some decisions in this dangerous game come with consequences.

Tam – I’d do anything to keep my wife Julia happy…until her proposal for a sexy ménage tryst threatens everything I thought I knew about us, and our relationship.

Julia – I adore my husband Tam, but in this dangerous high-stakes game am I risking too much for the future of our marriage?

Dominic/Darcy – Tragedy took my wife and left me in a shattered mess. I’ve been running from commitment ever since, until Tam and Jules reach out. There’s no denying the chemistry that flares between us, but has our night of kinky threesome sex pushed us just that little bit too far?

Sex. Love. Marriage. A ménage gamble puts everything on the line.


Before I can even take in a breath and prepare myself for what might come next, Darcy leans down and captures my lips in an exploratory kiss. It’s the first time in over twenty years I’ve been kissed like that by anyone except Tam, and it feels weird and wonderful, all at the same time. Darcy’s mouth is firm and sure, yet there’s also a questing feel to his exploration. When the tip of his tongue grazes my still-closed lips I part them at the sudden flash that zings my belly. Butterflies, and more. So much more. He takes advantage and claims my mouth fully with his tongue. My clit hums to life so fast I moan into his mouth and my body collapses against his. His cock stirs into hardness. I can feel its thickness right there against my abdomen, and then his hands cup my arse and pull me even closer in to his body and the heat of that erection.

I have no idea how long we kiss, but when we draw apart I turn, automatically searching for Tam. He’s still watching from the same spot as before, but now his eyes are blazing with some kind of leashed emotion, and I can see his cock has begun to tent the white hotel robe he’s wearing. There’s an unexpected ferocity in his features that I’ve never seen before. He looks turned on, and enraged, both at the same time. I open my mouth then close it again, not sure what to say. My heart is racing and my clit is throbbing, but if Tam wants out now, then that’s what we’ll do.

Before I can try again to speak, Darcy lets me go. He holds out a beckoning hand toward Tam. “I’m not taking your place, man, I promise. Tonight is about Jules and her needs, but it’s also about you. Come here.”

“I…” Tam swallows, takes a tiny step toward us and stops.

Both of you, Thomas.” Hearing Darcy use Tam’s real name like that is a bit of a shock. Especially when he utters the words in that gruff, slightly husky voice that rolls right over my skin. I shiver and watch Tam carefully for his response. No one calls him Thomas anymore, except me when we’re in the midst of an argument. How will he react? Does he also feel this same strange connection to Darcy that I do?

“Come on, man.” There’s a coaxing edge to Darcy’s tone now. “Let’s put the real world out of our heads, for the next few hours at least. This is about the three of us, no one else, and this here hotel room is now our world. Nothing else matters, and in here, anything goes, as long as it’s consensual.” He gestures again for Tam to join us. “Consensual by all three of us. It has to be that way. Or not at all.”

The silence is thick, as if charged with unspoken excitement. The gentle hum of the heating unit pushes at the edges of my awareness and I almost laugh. I doubt the steady flow of warm air is necessary, given the emotional heat raising the temperature in the room.

After a moment, my husband nods and then he’s suddenly there in front of us, grabbing me back out of Darcy’s now loosened embrace and leaning in for a kiss of his own.

Whoa! Where did that come from, husband?

Tam’s kiss is fierce, almost punishing, and the most passionate one he’s delivered in at least the past three or four years. It is so different to Darcy’s gentle quest. Tam’s lips, his tongue, his whole mouth devours mine, until my brain switches off and all I can do is feel, and lust, and need.

I need this. I need him. I need them both.