Immortal Seduction (MFMM Reverse Harem)

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When the goddess of desire hungers for love, who among mortals could possibly resist her power?

Fire fighters Ashur, Kieran and Hugh are damaged men. A tragedy that took the life of their colleague has left them scarred, both physically and emotionally.

Can these mortal men reignite Aphrodite’s passion for life and love?

Or is the darkness inside them becoming too deep even for the power of a goddess to save them?

If Aphrodite loses the battle for these three hero souls, how will she rediscover the path to healing for her own emotionally weary heart?

A steamy reverse harem ménage romance with a dash of paranormal, three hot fire fighters, and a guaranteed happy-for-now ending. 

This is the fourth title in the Gods of Love series by a USA Today bestselling author, but the series can be read in any order as each story is stand-alone.

Advisory: contains ménage including MFM, MFMM and some MM scenes.


This was such a heart-warming, passion filled read…a hot masterpiece…” Why I Can’t Stop Reading

One of my favorite series out right now…sexy, emotional and passionate…” Wicked Readings by Tawania

The smexy was smouldering and engaging…” Fandom Fanatic

“A very steamy and passionate erotic novella with a wonderful story to go along with it…” Darker Passions

About the erotes

IMMORTAL SEDUCTION is the fourth in my series of stand-alone novellas with the erotes as a common theme. Yes, they can be read in any order, so if you want to try this one first, please do!

Who are the erotes?

In Greek mythology there are many versions from which to pick and choose, and researching the erotes was no exception. The most popular belief seems to be that the erotes were a group of winged gods who were the children of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and sexuality who was born from the foam of the sea. The Greek god Eros was either their father or one of their brothers.

Another belief, and the one that resonates best with me, is that the erotes were in fact different aspects of the primal god, Eros. Erotes is the plural of eros (desire), and I am fascinated by the idea that love is so complex it must be personified across several beings.

While the erotic author in me applauds the idea of the greatness of Eros, I also love the idea that his power, and therefore that of the erotes, stems primarily from a woman—the Olympian goddess Aphrodite (sometimes called Venus in Roman mythology).

Thus the concept of the GODS OF LOVE series was born—stand-alone novellas that can be read in any order, but that also share a common theme.

While the first three novellas in the series focused on three of the erotes (Pothos, Himeros and Anteros), Book 4 introduces Aphrodite and her insatiable hunger for love. Who among mortals could possibly be strong enough to match the mother of the erotes in her game of desire?