Tempt (Sexy Romance M/F)

Tempt (Sexy Romance M/F)


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What happened to you, Ry? Where’s the romantic boy I knew? Why are you known as the billionaire playboy voted most likely to break a woman’s heart?

Billionaire entrepreneur Ryley Jaxx. The only man ever to break my heart.

His party yacht is the last place I want to go for help.

But without him and his funding, my whole world will come crashing down around me.

Ry’s even hotter now than he was back when we were dating in school.

How can I protect myself from the heady temptations of our past?

Can a heart be torn to pieces more than once?

If you enjoy steamy billionaire romance, second chance love stories plus happy-ever-after endings with no cliffhanger, then this book is for you!


“What happened, Ry? Back then you were plain old Riley Jackson. When did you become Ryley—with a y—Jaxx?” She wasn’t referring only to the name tweak, and by the flicker in his eyes she could tell that he knew it.

“Money happened, Kallie. Lots of it. Do you remember that gaming program I was working on back in high school? The one everyone thought was a waste of time?”

She nodded and a sudden chuckle escaped at the flash of memory. Ry hunched over the big old desktop computer in the corner of his bedroom, working on indecipherable code. His whooping and fist-pumping when something in that mess onscreen went the way he wanted. “We did think that,” she admitted.

Ryley grinned too, as if he was reliving the same memory. “I found a buyer in the United States and it all took off so quickly…” He shrugged. “I don’t think any of you really knew the extent to which I succeeded, Kallie. Not until later, anyway, when the company listed on the stock exchange and everything went public. It was a whole new world, an existence I’d never dreamed of. I suddenly had the money, and the resources, to design whatever software I could dream up. The PR team hated the fact that I was a fresh-faced student straight out of high school and they wanted to make me sound older, so Ryley Jaxx was born. Good old Riley Jackson disappeared forever.”

Kallie frowned at the hint of bitterness that colored his words. How could anyone be bitter, if they’d actually managed to achieve their dream? “Presumably you’re still the same person on the inside, Ry. I mean, don’t you remember how we used to talk about changing the world, one step at a time? Don’t you remember how much we wanted to make a difference?”

Ryley turned to stare toward one of the rounded windows lining the far wall, as if he couldn’t bear to look at her or anything in the room for one moment more. “I did change the world, love, only not in the way you mean. My latest game is the number one bestselling online choice for fifteen to twenty-five year olds. In the world.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know.”

Silence stretched between them, and as she stared at that rigid back, Kallie felt the welling up of emotion like a hard lump in her chest. It suddenly hurt to breathe.

“I’m sorry, Ryley. For being so rude to you today. For…well, yeah, mainly for that.” That was the first lie she’d ever said to him. She was sorry for so much more than that. For making you feel like your achievements are less than they really are. For reminding you that even successful dreams usually come at a price. For bringing up the past when we both know it can never be revisited.

(copyright Jen Katemi)