Princess Perfect


My brothers may have found their happy-ever-after, but there’s no such thing for me.
How can there be, when no one can see past the perfect princess to the real woman within?
That’s why I stole the necklace in the first place.
To show my family who I really am.
But they still don’t see. Except for Marco.
He sees me.
Tall, dark and far more dangerous than is good for any woman to wrap her eager arms and body around.
Especially a princess always expected to do the right thing.
But then, I’m not perfect. Never was. Never will be.
My reputation is at stake, so that’s what I’m going to do. Stake it. Right through the heart.
And hooking up with a guy on the wrong side of the law is going to help me achieve that.

PRINCESS PERFECT is the third and final book in Jen Katemi’s RICH & ROYAL series about the royals of Leonioro. Discover a world of danger, drama and sizzling romance in this contemporary series by a USA Today bestselling author.

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