That moment you accidentally press publish instead of preorder! Royal romance new book release

Just dropping by the blog to let you know my title in the Royal and Reckless box set, SEDUCING HER PRINCE, is now available as a stand-alone. I had planned to get all my ducks in a row and re-publish this title in November, but the euphoria of hitting USA Today, then a family wedding, then a vacation, followed sadly by a family funeral, meant that my brain finally had enough. I hit publish instead of preorder!

I’m very happy with my little “oops” moment though, as it means that if you didn’t get the opportunity to buy the Royal and Reckless box set before it came down, this is your chance to read my sexy romance featuring hot royals, steamy scandals and the lure of desire.

SEDUCING HER PRINCE is also the first time I’ve really experimented with point-of-view (both first and third person) plus tense (both present/past) in my writing in such an extensive way. While my editor and beta readers assure me they love this story just the way I’ve written it, I’d really love to hear what you think.

Want more info? Here’s the blurb:

Sometimes lust and love collide. And sometimes, betrayal can destroy everything.

The moment Kasper lays eyes on Eleni, attraction flares between these polar opposites. As Crown Prince, Kas is used to taking whatever he wants, and this enigmatic seductress with a mysterious past is there for his pleasure. Whenever and wherever he dictates.

Eleni has never experienced anything as strong as the passion that burns when Kas holds her in his arms. Her secret should prevent her from taking what he gives, and yet the lure of desire is too powerful to resist.

When hidden treachery is exposed, the truth threatens everything Kas and Eleni hold dear. Will love win out against duty, or will the fiery struggle for power destroy it all?

SEDUCING HER PRINCE is the first book in my RICH & ROYAL series. The second, PROTECT AND OBEY, has just become available for preorder at selected eBook retailers.



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Ripples. Cast one stone, and it seems like the ripples fan out for miles in every direction. Even after you’ve turned and walked away from the water’s edge. Even after you’ve gotten in your car and driven halfway across the country to escape the consequences. The ripples continue to spread from that one, tiny little stone.

That’s my life. Casting stones, and then speeding away as the ripples reach ever outward in a series of never-ending, usually destructive, circles.

I don’t want to cast any more stones. I’ve had enough. This latest job will be my last; I’d already decided that before receiving the briefing notes last night, but now… even more so. There’s something about this one that doesn’t feel right. I can’t put my finger on it, but something is off. As soon as this assignment is over I’ll be gone. I know how to disappear. Mama and I did it often enough when I was young and I’m a lot more knowledgeable about the ways of the world now than I was when I was eleven.

My mind instantly shears away from dangerous memories and I try to concentrate once again on the text message containing final instructions about when, where and who.

It’s okay. I can do this. Focus on the job.

Crown Prince Kasper Devon Leoni III. A mouthful of a name, that’s for sure. I’ve never even heard of the kingdom of Leonioro. Somewhere in the Mediterranean region perhaps, judging by the Italian-sounding name and place. What the hell is a European prince doing down here in Melbourne, Australia?

Does it matter what he’s doing? Not to me. At least, it shouldn’t. I have my instructions, and starting tomorrow, I’ll be on the clock and on the job. Again, a strange niggle in my belly makes its presence known. Anxiety? Foreboding? I can’t tell what’s causing this skittish feeling, but after all these years I trust my instincts. The urge to run begins to take over my thoughts.

Definitely time for Eleni Mikaro to disappear once and for all. I nod, even though I’m alone in the apartment and there’s no one to see or respond. “Last one.” I say it aloud, just because I can. “Yes. Damn it, yes.” Definitely my last, this time. No more clients after this week. No more throwing stones.